W7 Germany – a phase of change

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W7 is the abbreviation for Women7. W7 means a group of civil society organizations coming together in order to promote proposals on gender equality and women’s rights with regard to the G7 process. The aim of W7 Germany is to guarantee that the leaders of G7 make concrete commitments concerning financial and political matters. All these commitments shall finally have lasting, tangible and transformative influence on all the women’s and girls‘ lives.

W7 orientates oneself towards G7. This means that W7 hosts rotate from year to year exactly as G7 does it. Further, as a consequence, the next W7 summit will be in Germany (in detail: in Berlin) from 24 May to 25 May 2022. More concretely, the host of the Women7 Dialogue during the G7 presidency of Germany in 2022 will be the National Council of German Women’s Organizations. This National Council of German Women’s Organizations is the biggest women’s lobby in Germany. Furthermore, it can be described as an umbrella organization of around 60 nationwide women’s associations and organizations.

6 focal points to bridge the global gender gap

6 focal points shall help to transform the phase of crisis into a phase of change. With that, focus I means women’s economic empowerment, justice and rights. Focus II reads Gender Equal Covid-19 Recovery. As a third one, focus III goes Climate Justice. Focus IV means Feminist Foreign Policy. One focus just seems to be more important than another. Finally, all 6 focal points are quite important. With that, focus V is about Ending Gender-Based Violence. And last, but never ever least, focus VI discusses Acountability Mechanisms.

Concludingly, W7 underlines that the final phase of change needs as much faces and voices as possible. W7 is ready to face it.

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